FountainFest: The Festival of Femxle Pleasure is a recurring, one-day, multidisciplinary festival dedicated to femxle pleasure. 

A festive day full of art, performance, workshops and discussions that explore this expansive theme in a variety of ways. 

Every edition of FountainFest focusses a different sub theme connected to femxle pleasure. Earlier this was: self-care. This edition highlights: sisterhood


Our motivation for this festival arises from the oppression of female pleasure in a patriarchal society, evident in issues like inadequate research in women’s healthcare, sexual violence threats in public spaces, unequal pay, sexist beauty standards, and harmful gender norms. We aim to empower women to embrace their own pleasure and choices free from patriarchal constraints.


FountainFest aims to inspire and educate, challenge and empower her audience. We want to let people leave with food for thought and power to make a change. Just like a fountain we hope to create gentle but far reaching ripples through the city of Antwerp and beyond. We hope you will share these new experiences and connections with your colleagues, housemates, grandparents, neighbors and anyone who wants to hear it (or not)! 


With a diverse festival program combining art, activism and academics, FountainFest adresses the topic of femxle pleasure on a variety of levels. 

For and by who?

This initiative aims to bring womxn -and anyone else curious-  from a diversity of  cultures, generations and social backgrounds together to exchange, discuss, reflect on, express and celebrate their perceptions of pleasure, in a space drawn by sisterhood.

FountainFest is a project of SIDEWARDS, an international (dance) collective based in Antwerp that produces dance projects and organizes cultural events. This specific initiative was founded by three SIDWARDS members: Anna Tejero, Isabella Arboleda, and Ismini. Also known as: “The ClitChicks”





Live podcast – Samira Azabar in conversation with: Liesbeth Gijsel, Ianna Yaleeza Achtoven | (Hoola) Hoop Workshop – Rachaila Insenia | Writing Workshop – Emerald Liu | Collective Drawing – Martijntje Baarda | “Ditch Dance” (dance solo) – Ella My Blomdahl & Dimitra Sofroniou | Exposition – Hyster X Collective | “Daughters of the Sea” & “Carne” (short docu screenings) – Nicole Gormley & Camila Kater | Music Concert – Morange Miangue | DJ set – DJ iNess | Tattoo stand – TB Manifesto | Books – KifKif vzw. | Catering – Dilbi vzw.


The Festival of Femxle Pleasure

17th of December 2023
Kavka, Antwerpen