The Festival of Femxle Pleasure

27th of february 2022
DeRoma, Antwerpen

The Festival of Femxle Pleasure is a one-day festival dedicated dedicated to femxle pleasure and self-care. A festive day full of art, performences and lectures aproaching these layered themes in a diversity of ways.

FountainFest is a SIDEWARDS-project lead by three members of the collective: Anna, Isabella and Ismini a.k.a The ClitChicks.

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crowdfunding page
Good to know:
  • Donations are already possible from 5,-.
  • In return The ClitChicks got some
    sexy rewards for you in store.
  • In case the target amount of 6000,-
    won’t be reached before the deadline:
    12th of december, all donations will be reimbursed.


After a long, exhausting rehearsal during their dance studies at The Royal Conservoire of Antwerp The ClitChicks sticked around in a studio. There a ludic dance of pleasure spontainiously emerged, – no description needed, one can use their imagination,-, and the concept of FountainFest was born. 

The ClitChicks realized that, allthough they have the privilage to practice their passion (dance) every day, the element of pleasure and self-care remained often overlooked and neglected elements in their life.
Identifying as womxn themselves they thought it was time to put the topics of pleasure and self-care, especially from the feminine perspective, once and forever unapologetically on the table and celebrate them through this festival. Because: womxn are still taught to dislike their bodies, menstruation products are still not free, a truly safe and healthy option for birth control is yet to be found, womxn still feel unsafe to walk alone at night, and so on. 
With this very first edition of FountainFest The ClitChiks want to splash those urgent themes, cheerfully but strongly like a fountain, out in the open. And that is just the beginning… Just like a fountain they hope to create gentle but far reaching ripples through the city of Antwerp and beyond. 

The festival is intented to take place in De Roma in Antwerp-Borgerhout at 27th of february 2022. The ClitChicks have done a big part of the job of organizing this event, but they aren’t there yet. To realize this project they are holding a crowdfunding campaign. Come and hop into the fountain with them and support them with a donation according to your means and/or spread the word; water the message and share their campaing and follow/like their social media channels.