After all

Photo by Tiene Carlier

A fear

some hope

but mostly fear

A quest for perspective

accompanied by paranoia,

to make us move, to make people move

to make us understand how much time can do

it’s you and me

to finally jump forwards,

or is it sidewards?

After all is a solo performance where we invite the audience to sit around a small, new world created by the dancer who fulfil the stage with repetition, music of Kate Bush and where new meanings can be found.
After all is mostly a mix a of feeling: jumping from fear to hope, turning around confusion and letting go, touching love and empathy, trying to find humour where it’s possible.
After all is made for everyone with a sensitivity towards our planet, starting from young adults to elderly people.


   Created by:
Astrid De Haes
   and Pierre Bastin

   Performed by:
Pierre Bastin

   Light design:
Dominique Pollet




Try to imagine that we as humans could exchange places with the earth. Would we then see how humans could perhaps do it better? And if the earth was in our shoes, would she understand that it is not all that easy to solve the problems? Would she see us trying?

This solo performance started with the belief that the solution of the climate crisis can be found in what we already have and how we can be creative with that. There is plenty enough already, but also too much. We see this performance as one example of how we can approach things: by looking at what is already present and using/approaching these things in a new way (each time). We do this by offering a new perspective and making elements that are already existing interesting again. By giving objects a different connection to each other in the space and by changing, repeating or reshuffling the order of movements, we can allow new meanings to appear. Maybe that’s where we find the answers.

We see this performance as an attempt to make people active on the climate crisis, but mostly to allow the audience to calmly indulge in an evening without too much pressure. What to do and how to do the right things is complex and most of the time confusing. We can very easily punish ourselves but somehow we have to give it a try, together.