Here are some of our goals, visions, dreams and wishes…


We found each other through a dance education, this is ultimately our primary link. It is what connects us to each other and the people we come into contact with. SIDEWARDS is a collective that is excited by the prospect of exploring performance in all of the weird and wonderful forms in which it can take and be shared!


As a group we feel the need to reach out to others (those usually less exposed to art) to enrich our creative vocabulary and our experiences. We are interested in creating for and working with ALL kinds of people ALL over the world.


We want to create and of course use our artistic platform to participate in conversations around climate change, intersectionality  and equality. As well as promoting international voices and viewpoints in Belgium. On the flipside, we wish to give focus to promoting Belgian voices outside of Belgium.


We are 14 people who engage with dance/art in various ways. Each of us have nurtured our own creative visions within our individual experiences and are busy with exploring them. So where does our common ground lie? What do we share? Here are some thoughts:


Searching for simplicity.

Encouraging humour.

Building theatricality.

Celebrating generosity.

Exploring physicality.


Sharing compassion.

Embracing our inner child.

Listening to our sensation.

Discovering your sensation.

Diving into curiosity.


Connecting to our surroundings.

Challenging the space for honesty.

Opening the space for conversation.


Finding pleasure in what we do.

Finding pleasure in your experience of what we do.