If you want, maybe not (2021)


If you want, maybe not
line in the sand
stone wall
step back
written word
spoken rule
clear sign
gentle gesture
hard edge
fluid frame
‘no, thank you’,
‘yes, please’
‘be welcome’
Boundaries: they define us; we set them.
They distinguish us, to bring us together.
 In a time of mandatory ‘physical distancing’, wherein our freedom of movement is being limited for the best, SIDEWARDS developed the wish to research the ambiguous and fluid topic of If you want, maybe not: from emotional, to physical, to spiritual, to spatial, from mental, to political, to cultural, to geographical e.g.
Gathering from our rich variety of SIDEWARDS’ perspectives we aim to explore (our) boundaries in the form of an interactive, physical exposition, while trying to take the nuance, the complexity and the immense grey area of the topic in account with the needed sensitivity, empathy, compassion and care.
Photo by Anna Tejero Cirera
Photo by Anna Tejero Cirera

Created by and with:

Leaded by Ismini Slijper
Performed by Isabella Arboleda Tovar, Pierre Bastin, Beth Emmerson, Amalia Guis, Elliot Minogue-Stone,
Pjotr Nuyts, Olivia Rose Doyle, Anna Tejero Cirera, Pauline Thuriot, Ehren Verrelst and Axelle Vienne

Thanks to:

Our coaches: Thomas Crols, Tijen Lawton Tuur Marinus, and Katleen Van Langendonck
The support of: Fameus, Het Paleis, Kraakcollectief and Liers Cultuurcentrum


Upcoming dates:

10/02/2021 at Liers Cultuurcentrum (Lier, BE)
30/04/2021 at LaVallée (Brussels, BE)
28/05/2021 at Jezuïetenkerk (Lier, BE)
29/05/2021 at Den Oven (Boom, BE)
30/05/2021 at Den Oven (Boom, BE)

Information about the tickets will follow soon