Meeting stories (2021)

Photo by Marçal Ferri Lloveras

A meeting


Meeting Stories is a piece of 20min with two differentiated parts: A video-performance (with 6 performers) and
a live performance (with 5 performers).
Set in a landscape of discarded books, stories meet, collide and part ways in our garden of remembrance. The books hide narratives, thoughts and imaginations and the stories are embodied through the physical experiences of mysterious characters. With this meeting, identities are transformed resonating through the space. Existing in a universe of bittersweet nostalgia, these characters bear their memories.

Photos by Marçal Ferri Lloveras


Created by and with:

Leaded by Anna Tejero Cirera
Performed by Amalia Guis, Elliot Minogue-Stone, Anna Tejero Cirera, Pauline Thuriot and Axelle Vienne; Ehren Verrelst performed in the video

Thanks to:

Lens Dans Festival, especially Mar Badal
Photos and videos: Marçal Ferri Lloveras

Upcoming dates:

07/02/2021 at LaVallée for Lens Dans Festival (Brussels, BE)
Information about the tickets will follow soon