Sighs, cries and lies 

Photo by Jill Bertels

Fall into


a musically diverse


sometimes silly

often puzzling

we delve into platitudes

and taboos

covering tangibility

big questions

and odd sensations

to examine our relationship

to love and loss

Sigh, Cries and Lies is a physical podcast performance that unveils and celebrates the idyllic and inconvenient aspects of love and letting go. Three outrageous characters embrace their vulnerability and foolishness, inviting audiences to surrender to their remedies, melodies and weak knees. 

This performance is targeted for young people and adults. Expect to be allured, enticed and manipulated by this creation overrun with contradictions. May contain tears.


   Choreographed and 
   performed by:

   Isabella Arboleda Tovar,
   Elliot Minogue-Stone,
   Pauline Thuriot


Contextualising Sighs, Cries and Lies is a plethora of cultural artefacts – not trendy philosophical writing or fashionable activism, instead they draw inspiration from love ballads and rom coms, celebrating their bodies, souls and the pleasure (as well as the challenge) to be found in love and letting go.

Their aim is to prove that love and loss is not a ‘silly’ theme, but a huge part of what it means to be human. It is the starting point of some of our greatest successes and worst failures. Throughout Sighs, Cries and Lies they give permission for silliness, pleasure and comedy in the spirit.

‘Start to Grow’ by LOLO

‘When I look into your eyes, the love begins to rise
Leaving out my mind, my body flies.

Life is easy when you start to tease me, gravity disappears.
If you hold my hand it’s not even cheesy.

I can spot you at the bar, you’re wearing dungarees.
They look camouflaged, like in the trees.

So let go, dare to let go.
Take off your mask and let it show.
You will know when you
Start to grow
Go with the flow.’

Photo by Gieljan Verhofstadt

Some thoughts we’ve had:

– Our favourite chocolate box chocolate is dark with pieces of hazelnut (or if that’s not available milk chocolate with coffee).

– Can we call Titanic a romcom?

– Breaking into an amusement park is a terrible date idea.

– Sunglasses are always a little sexy.

– How do we feel about Shakespeare’s sonnet 116?

– Sometimes fainting is unavoidable.

– Arranging flowers with meaning is called floriography.

Thanks to

Zoë Demoustier,


De Zendelingen,

Dag van de Dans,

Radar Mechelen



Ambassador of Dag van de Dans, Zoë Demoustier, meets a different maker in ‘Dansmakers van morgen’.

Episode 4: RADAR (Mechelen) with the collective SIDEWARDS & Zach Zwagga.


We, Isabella, Elliot and Pauline, have a podcast to share with you !

Sighs, Cries and Lies: Bitesize

Created for ‘The Festival That Never Happened’ by Platform in de Maak.

How to listen…

– Before you start listening: rub your belly, shake your hips and touch your toes.

– Every time you hear any of these words: “feelings, feel, felt” touch your nose.

– Once you have finished, give yourself some love… Not too much, not too little, just the right amount.