Sighs, cries and lies (2018)


Photo by Joon Young Kim

Fall into
musically diverse,
multilingual escapade.
Sometimes silly,
often puzzling.
We delve into platitudes
and taboos,
covering tangibility,
big questions,
and odd sensations
to examine our relationship
to love and loss.


Formally two (now three) deeply quizzical performers wade through the emotional and spacial clutter that goes with relationships, sharing their vulnerability and foolishness along the way. Expect to be allured, enticed and manipulated by this conceptual creation overrun with contradictions. May contain tears.

Some thoughts we’ve had:
– Our favourite chocolate box chocolate is dark with pieces
of hazelnut (or if that’s not available milk chocolate with coffee).
– Can we call Titanic a romcom?
– Breaking into an amusement park is a terrible date idea.
– Sunglasses are always a little sexy.
– How do we feel about Shakespeare’s sonnet 116?
– Sometimes fainting is unavoidable.
– Arranging flowers with meaning is called floriography.
Photo by Jonathan Caramin

Created by and with:

Choreographed and performed by: Isabella Arboleda Tovar, Elliot Minogue-Stone, Pauline Thuriot

Thanks to:

Our dramaturgy team: Orley Quick, Sermet Semttex, Anna Tejero Cirera, Amalia Guis, and Rosie Minogue
The support of: The Place, John Keyes, Ian Stone, Rosie Minogue, RADAR Mechelen, Code Dans, Danspunt and Goele van Dijk

Upcoming dates:

11/06/2021 in Antwerp, BE
Information about the tickets will follow soon